The legend of foo

From that day, they decided to label everything

You are walking down the street in River Road at 2 am on Saturday and you spot Foo. You might think you are too intoxicated having had fun all night. You are not wrong, you are stoned. And yes it’s crazy the person has their body parts labelled.

A little bit about FooFoo was the author of the famous engineering book Writing Documentation. Programmers followed the principles highlighted in the book by heart and at its peak, it was a bestseller. It postulated that everything is obvious. You don’t have to put signs on the road, people are intelligent enough to travel around in harmony. 

Legend has it that Bar got involved in an incident that changed their lives. From that day decided to label everything to prevent people from suffering the same fate. 

TL;DR? We recently documented our internal APIs to prevent the toaster from stabbing our faces.