5 Facts About the Man Who Delivers Your Packages

Congratulations to our Partner of the Month: Dennis

It’s no easy task to win the Partner of the Month. It takes hard work, dedication, and responsibility. Our Partners have ETA, rating, and safety KPIs that they work towards every month, and we are proud to say that Dennis over achieved in all areas!

Here are some fun facts Dennis shared with us during an interview:

Lived in 3 cities

“I’m a Kenyan. I was born in Kericho, but moved to Nyanza when I was young and grew up there. I was there up to 1998, then came to Nairobi for high school.”

Trained engineer

“There was a time when my friends and I opened an electronic shop. I liked it so I began studying for an electrical engineering diploma. People came to acquire my services on construction sites before I was even finished with my studies which is why I purchased my first motorcycle, so I could go that far distance affordably. But I found electrical engineering has problems, so I started fully with Sendy.”

Aspiring journalist

“I aspire to be a journalist. I like that job. I’ve liked it from childhood. When you’re studying journalism you’re exposed to new things to learn and technical things to do.”

Devoted family man

“Currently I am saving for a different objective because I have a wife who is in school. So basically I’m investing in her. I want my family to live better than my life. It can happen because I know where my parents failed. Her mother and I will be educated. We are more educated than our parents were, so the thinking in our household will be different.”

Practicing barber

“We have also a barbershop. I like cutting people’s hair. I didn’t go to an institution to learn how to cut hair, I just practiced and it was simple.”

Congrats again Dennis! Such a pleasure to be building Sendy with you as our Partner.

Let’s Deliver!